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Glenna Luschei African Poetry Prize

Glenna Luschei African Poetry Prize

The Glenna Luschei Prize for African Poetry, under the auspices of the African Poetry Book Fund and in partnership with the literary journal, Prairie Schooner, is an annual award of USD $5,000. Named for the literary philanthropist Glenna Luschei, this Pan African Poetry Prize is the only one of its kind in the world and was established to promote African poetry written in English or in…

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6 Amazing Books by African Women You Have to Read

6 Amazing Books by African Women You Have to Read

So Long a Letter by Mariama BâSo Long a Letter is an epistolary novel written in the voice of Ramatoulaye, a Senegalese school teacher. Addressed to her best friend Aissatou, the letters chronicle Ramatoulaye’s emotional journey after her husband’s second marriage and his unexpected death. Considered a classic of contemporary African women’s literature, So Long a Letter is a must-read for…

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L’ivrogne dans la brousse par Amos Tutuola (A review in the French)

L’ivrogne dans la brousse par Amos Tutuola (A review in the French)

QUI: Père-Des-Dieux-Qui-Peut-Tout-Faire-En-Ce-Monde, personnage dont la raison de vivre est de boire du vin de palme et qui, de plus, bénéficie d’un malafoutier personnel qui le prépare pour lui à partir des 560 000 palmiers de la sa plantation.

POURQUOI: Le malafoutier meurt et la soif de notre personnage le pousse à partir à sa recherche jusque dans la Ville-des-Morts

OÙ ET QUAND: Un monde et…

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2014 Africa Reading Challenge

2014 Africa Reading Challenge

Originally posted on Kinna Reads:

Welcome to the Africa Reading Challenge.

This will be the second time that I’m hosting the Africa Reading Challenge.  Details and requirements are the same this year as for the 2012 Africa Reading Challenge, which started with:

“I have absolutely no reason for hosting nor urging you to participate in this challenge save for the joy of discovering and reading…

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Poetry is my presence in this world: An Interview with Ali Znaidi

Poetry is my presence in this world: An Interview with Ali Znaidi

Ali Znaidi is a Tunisian poet whose work has appeared in magazines and journals worldwide. His poems use experimental forms to explore issues of the human condition. The African Book Review had a conversation with Ali about his experience as a Tunisian poet of English expression and his recent poetry collection, Experimental Ruminations.


Ali Znaidi

ABR: What influences your poetry?

ZNAIDI: I was…

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